Welcome to the Villiage

All ages, shapes, sizes, colours, genders, and orientations are welcome. All of the differences that capture our unique identity are welcomed, for who you are. It’s the best of Pride, all year round.

Your chosen family.
Where you can live or visit to Be Yourself.


The Challenges


Real estate prices in downtown cities continue to go up. Pricing out millennials out — many of whom may not have that “family assistance” for their first time mortgage.


For the first time, gay men are retiring en masse. Prior to now, HIV took many too soon. Now they require educated, compassionate care.

L-word generation women demand an inclusive and community-connected living as they retire. They need the space and environment to foster a community.


The Villiage Group is a LGBTQ+ focused real estate developer, property manager and community based company, guided by senior and successful LGBTQ+ and allied leaders.


Our Leadership Team


Paul Skippen

With over 26 years of global consulting and transformation experience, Paul was the winner of the Canadian LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce’s Business Leadership Award in 2016.

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John Khajadourian

Founder and Managing Principal of Windrock Associates Ltd., and Managing Principal of Straticom Planning Associates Inc, He has over 25 years of experience working in the real estate development market.

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Abel Branco

With over 35 years invested, Abel has extensive experience within traditional towers and non-standard buildings such as cold shell, brick and beam structures, and heritage/historical buildings. 

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Brad Tremain

Brad has over 30 years of experience working in retail management, hospitality, real-estate sales, project management in large scale IT environments, working with investors and membership on various boards of directors.

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Our Corporate Partner

Straticom is an award winning Canadian Interior Design firm offering innovative solutions for businesses across North America.  Their clients include major corporations, institutions, government, non-profit and healthcare organizations.  

They believe design transforms business.  Their culture-focused methodology and business tools help articulate their client’s brands and corporate cultures into environments that have impact on people and the way they interact.  

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We strive to create communities where everyone is equal.

Bigger, better

and more fabulous.


Many charities have prime real estate and clear demands to deliver more to their target constituents — whether it be HIV survivors, low income housing — or other related needs.




At the federal, provincial and regional level, all levels of government recognize the increasing demand for affordable housing.  And the LGBTQ+ community has unique needs that needs to be met.

To help deliver some of these services, we will look to leverage a “Second Chances” workforce.  Team with organizations that help LGBTQ+ refugees or homeless youth — once their immediate and urgent counselling and care needs are met — provide training and support to help give them their first Canadian jobs and build trade skills.


our Advisory Team

Albert Lam

Enza Silano

Mathieu Chantelois

Rachel Clark

Carol Osler

Heather Tremain

Michael Went

Samara Shuter

Connie Bonello

Maggie Cassella

Nina Rakic

Zachary Pendley


Become a part
of the movement.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Villiage Group and investing in the future of the LGBTQ+ community, we would love to hear from you. Provide us with some information to get yo know you, and we’ll respond with a warm welcome and more information about our vision for the future.


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